Bingo 5 Lines Slots

Since we have reviewed Bingo-25 line slot, we thought you would like a review of Bingo 5 Lines Slots. It is basically the same as the former slot, and if you are a Bingo Fan, you’ll absolutely love playing this game. You can play it at our recommended online casinos for US players.

About the Game

Bingo 5 Lines has 3 reels. The maximum number of coins you can bet is 5, and the max bet is $25 per spin. The jackpot is worth $30,000. The Wild symbol in this game is the Pink Wild Ball. The pay table is conveniently located to the left of the slot. You can refer to it as you play. There is also an Auto Play button available, but my guess is you’ll want to stick around for the 5 different jackpots you can win.

Playing the Game

As with the 25-line slot, Bingo 5 Lines has numbers and bars. The Pink Wild Ball will certainly come in handy to form winning combinations when it appears on the reels. But the best part of this game is the four different jackpots available. All of them involve the Wild symbol. For example, when you get three Wild symbols on line 4, you will win 6000 coins, which is the highest of the four; get three Wild symbols on line 5 to win 4000 coins; get 3 Wild symbols on line 3 to win 3000 coins; get 3 Wild symbols on line 2 to win 2000 coins; and of course if you get three Wild symbols on line 1 you will win 1000 coins. As with its predecessor, this is a happy game as the red ball is a happy face. You will also have a happy face when you win any one of the four jackpots.


Bingo 5 Lines Slots is fun to play and you can play it from the comfort of your home along with your friends. Therefore, we highly recommend you play this game and go for the big win.