Doggy Reel Bingo Slots

Everyone knows the game of bingo. We all love the phrases connected to the game, the chance we have of getting a line or a full house, and the excitement of knowing we might just get a prize or two along the way.

Now when you go online to visit a casino you usually have the choice of playing bingo or playing slots. But there is a slots game you can download and play called - very appropriately - Bingo Slots, so you can really try this one out to see how much you like it.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This bingo themed game has five reels and a total of twenty paylines to watch out for.

What symbols are used in this game?

Well this is a bingo themed game, so we're looking at bingo here! You will see a colorful screen which is filled with bingo balls on each reel. These come in different colors but you will also see a range of different numbers on them.

There is more to this game than you might think though, as you have bonus balls to look for as well. Watch out for the lucky seven ball though, as this is a wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols.

There is also a bonus symbol that simply appears as a message and not a ball. Get three of these and you end up with a great Speed Bingo game to play too.

How much can you bet on the game?

This game works on coins, so you can bet from one to five coins on each line you play. And as you can play up to twenty paylines you can see a single bet could be as much as a hundred coins.

You should know though that a coin is given a credit value of two, so your maximum bet would be two hundred credits. Once you get this straight in your head the game gets easier to play.

Are there any other aspects of the game worth noting?

This is an eye catching game simply because of the colors involved. There is a very basic look to the game though which may disappoint some people. However it focuses on bingo and the colors and features more than outweigh any disadvantages it may have in areas such as this.

But you will see that for yourself when you download Bingo Slots at Hippodrome Casino today.