It's Good to be Bad Slots

There are many video slots both online and in casinos with the classic three reel, one payline layout. It's Good to be Bad Slots has both of these features, but there's no way that it could be described as a 'normal' slot. The key difference with this particular game, featured heavily on US Online Casino sites, is that the progressive jackpot can only be won when a player loses 29 times in a row. You have to lose in order to win!

Harder than it sounds, It's Good to be Bad video casino slots is laden with hell-themed graphics and sound clips to remind you just how deceiving it can be. Players will love the on-screen layout with the payout table at the top, and the progressive jackpot being constantly updated in the middle of the screen. With just three reels it's a simple to use and definitely user friendly for those who play slots online for real money.

Go All-in to Lose:

You might be wondering if this is a bit too good to be true for casino video slot games. If you need to lose in order to win then surely you can make minimum bets and lose each time, giving minimals wagers to the game and getting maximum jackpots out? Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way. It's Good to be Bad keeps players on their toes by requiring maximum bets in order to qualify for the bonus feature I.e. winning the progressive jackpot.

So, we recommend you ditch your old method of two low bets followed by one high one, and simply make a maximum bet on each spin. There's only one payline so not too much to lose, but everything to gain.

Keep Your Focus on Lucky Number Seven:

With no wild or scatter symbols in It's Good to be Bad Casino Video Slots, you only need to look out for the symbols that will win you the jackpot: the red 7. Get three of these on one payline and you'll win the progressive jackpot.

Strike Four Losses for a Free Spin:

If you play slots for real money and win the bonus round in this game of slots, then you've won the jackpot! Make sure you bet maximum in order to take part, however. You need to get 29 losses in a row in order to win the big money, and each time you lose a light on the loss meter will come on. Make a win, however, and your meter goes back down to zero again. The other part of the bonus round comes a little earlier when you make four losses in a row. When this happens you're rewarded with one free spin.

Better the Devil You Know:

This game from slots technology giants Real Time Gaming is a simple classic with a big twist. Visit Bovada Casino , one of United States' online casinos, download the software to the slots galore and create a user account to find out how refreshing it is to try and lose in order to win, rather than getting caught up with wild symbols and scatter symbols leading to bonus screens.