Kula Kalani Slots

As a 5 reel, 21 reel video slots offering, Kula Kalani slots is a popular choice with both online and offline players. This game sports a Hawaiian theme, and the graphics are just gorgeous! They include a vividly colored sliced orange, a bright pink hibiscus flower, a sliced Kiwi fruit, a pineapple and clusters of tropical berries. Other icons are a sliced watermelon, a tropical island, a Tiki head, and an enticing tropical drink, served in a half coconut shell.

Preparing to Play

Game play is quite exciting, as the potential is there for a slots player to win big. Take your time in deciding how much you want to bet. Though this is a video slots game, the term coin value is still used for reasons of clarity. Once you have determined the coin value that is best for you, you will need to make it official by using the bet selector arrows that are located at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

The Betting Process

You will probably want to bet on more than one line even when you make your first spin. The reason for this is that betting on more than one line increases your chances for a good win. You can even decide to bet on all of the lines! To do this you will need to use the Bet Max option. Simply click the Max Bet button on the lower right hand corner of the game screen. Once chosen, all fifteen lines will spin. You may change the number of lines you bet upon at any time during game play, so do not be intimidated! Bet boldly, and you just may be very glad you did!

The Spin Button

All that is left for you to do now is to press the Spin button. You may also take advantage of the Auto button. This will repeat your spins, and allow you to play the game automatically. Of course, you may turn off this option whenever you choose.

Deciphering the Pay Table

It is a good idea to take a good look at the Pay Table before you get too deeply into the game. You want to make sure that what is listed in the table is agreeable to you. You will also want to pay attention to the Scatter symbols as well as the Wild symbols. The scatter symbols can bring unexpected monetary rewards and the Wild symbol can be a match with any of the other icons. Kula Kalani slots are lots of fun to play! We invite you to try a similar Hawaiian theme slot game called Paradise Dreams Slots. The game is available at many US casinos who have been around for quite some time and will be more than happy to welcome you in their fold.