Team Slots

Slots played in groups have long been accepted and offered at land based casinos but it has only been recently that online casinos have started to offer team or group slots games.

Team Slots, a Game with More than One Player

A team slots game by definition is a game where more than one player is playing the game towards the same goal. Team slots differ from multi-player slots in that the players are working together as a team to achieve the same goals whereas when you play multi-player slots, each player is in fact working against the other to try and achieve a better score and standing than the other players. Team slots are a very social game as you are able to chat with other players in a chat room at the same time as you are playing the game.

Work as a Group with Team Slots

Team or community slots have been around for a long time; unlike Bingo they offer more prizes for each player and not just individual prizes for one player only. All slots casino Wheel of Wealth multi player slots game is the perfect example of a successful team slots game. Wheel of Wealth multi player slots at first glance is a regular 5 reel slots game with 25 paylines. There are scatter symbols and wilds which help you to achieve more wins. Each player, and there can be up to 6 in a game places his own bets on his own screen. You can see the other player’s screens in the background of your game, where your reels are in the foreground. Each player plays the game regularly until he or she is able to enter the bonus game. And this is where Wheel of Wealth team slots game becomes more exciting. Every player's screen then chances to the wheel of Wealth screen and each player chooses a location on the screen. Where the pointer comes to land per position is what each player wins. For example player one wins 100 which is multiplied by the number of coins and coin size he bet, player 2 wins 75 coins which is again multiplied by his bet and so on. In other words each player wins a proportionate amount according to what they have bet.

Equal Payouts in Team Slots

Team slots not only means that you have more chances of winning because you are 5 people apart from yourself playing but also that the potential winnings are much larger too. While the game is playing you also have the chance to chat live with the other players in your team. You can even arrange a game with your friends who can make the whole experience even more exciting but then again you can also make new friends if you join a game randomly. The team slots can be played with less than 6 players but it is better to wait for all places to be filled in order to give you maximum chances. By its very definition, a team is a group of people who work together for the same goal and this is definitely what you have with team slots, everyone wins together and everyone loses together but most importantly, everyone has a lot of fun together.

Casinos to Play Team Slots