Multi Balls

Multi Balls is an exciting new multiplayer game from William Hill Casino. The object of the game is simple: get winning lines by matching up symbols on the game screen. William Hill is one of the few online casinos that use Paypal, which is an added bonus to those who want to avoid having to use credit cards.

A spin-off of Bouncy Balls slots, Multi Balls switches things up by turning it into multiplayer game where a community jackpot continually grows. Players compete to top the leaderboard so that they get the largest share of that community pot.

Betting on Multi Balls

To get started playing Multi Balls slots, you must first place your 25p bet. Once your bet is placed, you bounce the balls. The goal is to get five or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically. Doing so earns you points that put you on the leaderboard.

Once you've placed your bet, the colorful balls drop and bounce into place. When a group of matching symbols forms, they will explode and new balls replace them. This pattern continues until there are no more matching groups. At that point, players receive points for the number of groups they collected. This points place them on the leaderboard.

Being at the top of the leaderboard is best because you'll get a larger percentage of the community jackpot. In the event of a tie, the players split the jackpot amount.

Symbols in Multi Balls

The symbols in Multi Balls slots are whimsical looking balls in a variety of colors. The red Fireball is generally worth the most money. There's also the purple Hardball, yellow Oddball, blue Iceball, green Goofball and yellow Furball.

The paytable varies depending on the symbol. However, Furball is usually worth 200 to 750 coins. Goofball is worth 300 to 1,000 coins. Iceball is worth 400 to 2,500 coins. Oddball is worth 500 to 5,000 coins. Hardball is worth 600 to 7,500 coins. Finally, Fireball is worth the most at 750 to 9,500 coins.

At the end of a game, the community jackpot is split between the top 10 players. The percentages are not revealed until the community bonus game. During this game, the wheel is spun once more in a bonus round to determine the final standings. At this point, the division of the community jackpot is revealed.

Get Started Playing the Addicting Multi Balls Casino Game

Head to William Hill Casino and download the free casino software so that you can enjoy Multi Balls. William Hill offers dozens of fantastic games, including Multi Balls. William Hill Casino with Paypal deposits makes it easy to deposit funds without worrying about giving out bank account or credit card numbers.