Hollywood Casino: 10 New G3 Progressives

Hollywood Casino is proud to announce that they have partnered with DEQ Systems Corp. for the installation of 10 new progressive games. These progressive slots machines are manufactured with the i3 technology.

i3 Technology

The original G3 technology has evolved into the latest i3 technology. This progressive technology has improved the G3 technology. It is seen by many as the future of gaming. The difference with i3 technology is that it offers multiple ways for players to enjoy the game. It has a random bonus system and can award multiple credits. The technology also has the ability to reward wins with multiple jackpots.

“i3 technology” means that the new progressive games will have Innovation, Intutitive Response and Improved Performance. It raises the quality of progressive games and the gaming experience to casino players. It is available in at least 30 countries. It is an innovative way to play table games such as Pai Gow, Blackjack and Poker.

About DEQ Systems Corp

DEQ Systems Corp is one of the leaders in progressive gaming software. The software is able at over 270 casinos. The company is well known for the bonus solutions and table games software it produces. The new installation of these 10 new i3 progressives is a positive step forward for both Hollywood Casino and DEQ Systems Corp.