Instant Win Casino Games

When playing any type on online casino game, instant gratification is always the first priority. But in reality, instant win casino games are a misnomer - at least when it comes to slot games. Yes, you may be lucky to catch a win on the first spin of a slot game, but then that win becomes fleeting as you wait and wait for another win. Thus, instant win casino games call for luck of the draw. When you buy scratch tickets, odds are the first ticket you scratch isn't a winner. When you play the Lotto or other lottery games, you may get one, two, or even three numbers. Neither qualifies as an instant win.

Playing Instant Win Casino Games

There are a few games one can consider instant win casino games online. Bingo, Keno, and yes even some scratch games can provide an instant win. But what makes an instant win game important is that you don't have to follow up by betting more or buying more. If you win on the first try, regardless of the game, that's considered an instant win.

What Types of Instant Win Casino Games Are Available?

Scratch cards that require matches can be considered the best type of instant win casino game. The difference between playing scratch cards at online casinos versus buying them at a local convenience store is miles apart. First of all, the online casino wants to retain your business, so it is unlikely you will lose when you play their online scratch card games. On the other hand, the convenience store has a myriad of scratch cards that are designed not to afford you an instant win. Thus you buy them in groups of five or ten only to find that there may be a winning scratch ticket among the first three. It's money wasted. Play ScratcherZ at Drake Casino for US players. This particular game is similar to those purchased at convenience stores.

Whack a Jackpot

I chose a casino game at random called Whack A Jackpot available at Bovada Casino. It's based on the arcade game where you whack a mole with a hammer. I played the game and won $2. I broke even as I bet $2. Although this wasn't what I would call instant gratification, nonetheless I didn't lose anything but still had a chance to play. This is the point of instant win casino games. If you get to play and don't lose, you're an instant winner.

Join an Online Casino

If you're looking for instant gratification playing instant win casino games online, you might not find it. But, on the other hand, joining one of our online casinos and receiving promotions and bonuses GIVES you that gratification because from the get-go, you are playing with the house's money!