Will Lucky Hill Casino Start Accepting US Players

While Lucky Hill Casino in the UK currently only offers its poker, slots, blackjack and other online games to the gaming population outside the United States, they now know that in no time U.S. players will also be able to enjoy the online games at this UK casino.

Anyone in the U.S. who plays online casino games is expected to know the laws of their state. Unfortunately, only New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have legalized online gambling, and Nevada is the only state to permit interstate online gaming for money.

New Jersey relaxed its laws just this year. Other states are expected to follow suit. As the regulations and laws change and the United States gaming population looks for online gaming fun, Lucky Hill has confidence their site will become a top pick for these American gamers.

The owner of Lucky Hill Casino says, "We have such a wide variety of games, requiring either luck or using strategy to win. I have confidence that we will become one of the first places online gamblers go for real money betting. We have the bonuses just waiting for the many players who come to us." He is not lying about that since Lucky Hill Casino has some slot titles such as Freaky Wild West, Freaky Cowboys and Freaky Cars and table games include roulette, keno and craps. The welcome bonus is a gigantic $1100.

Lucky Hill Casino offers European Roulette, American Roulette and Roulette Pro. Currently, U.S. players are not even able to play the free practice games (no money involved), but all this will change in the future, according to the predictions of Lucky Hill. Foreign country players already enjoy many hours of play at Lucky Hill's great roulette games. Players can easily understand the games as the website is translated for English, German, Spanish and Russian-speaking people. With thousands already coming to Lucky Hill Casino for a huge choice of premiere online games, it is expected that U.S. players will soon be able to experience online gaming too.