Atlantic City in the Summer Time

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While the casino and gaming action of Atlantic City continues no matter how high or low the temperature outside, it is in the summer season that Atlantic City truly comes into its own. After all, Atlantic City grew up as a beach resort town, and as a way for city dwellers to escape the heat of summer with the cool breezes of the Atlantic Ocean.

Even as Atlantic City has grown into one of the premier gambling destinations in the country, it has retained the charm and beauty of a beach destination, and many people still come to Atlantic City to swim, surf, fish or just hang out at the beach.

In addition to the beach, the boardwalk at Atlantic City welcomes tourists of all ages and interests, both gamblers and non-gamblers alike. In addition to the nonstop gaming action at the casinos, there are less high stakes pursuits, like skeeball and other carnival games. Kids love to play these games while their parents play in the casino, and Atlantic City has all the amenities one would expect of any beach town.

In recent years Atlantic City has added some of the best entertainment options to many of its casinos, including some of the hottest names in music and some of the best known titles in the world of theaters. In addition, there are IMAX movies, race car simulators and the ever famous amusement park on the boardwalk.

For those who prefer the outdoors, it is hard to beat the lure of Atlantic City in the summer time. There are many options for the gambler in need of some non-casino action, including chartered fishing boats and dolphin watching cruises. After all, Atlantic City is very much a beach town, and it is possible to take advantage of what the sea has to offer.

After the sun goes down, the neon lights of Atlantic City illuminate and make the city even more beautiful and vibrant. The casino hotels along the boardwalk look particularly magical at night, as do the magnificent hotels lining the harbor. There are no shortage of things to do after dark either, from fine dining to the best casino action east of Las Vegas. It is no wonder that Atlantic City is such a popular vacation destination.