The Twinspires Million Dollar Road to the Derby

Twinspires is a fully licensed and regulated horse racing betting site that many US racing fans enjoy, and as we head towards the Kentucky Derby there's plenty of action to be had at this well established and respected racing site. There is however a while to go until the big one and to get you in the racing mood Twinspires is serving up the outstanding Road to the Kentucky Derby promotion in which up to $1 Million can be won.

The $1 Million Road to the Kentucky Derby is a great leaderboard competition in which you'll need to place your best at Twinspires, score the wins and shift on up to the paying positions. Making things a little easier, you'll need to place 'show' bets and at least 19 of them from now right up until the big race day on May 2nd 2015. You'll not only be competing for a $10,000 prize, but also for tickets to the Kentucky Derby and plenty of Kentucky Derby merchandise and you'll need to be placing show bets of $20 or more on the races in the promotional schedule, which you'll see on the Twinspires site.

There are two stages of the promo, the Prep Round and the Final Round and the action starts with the meetings at Santa Anita and Aqueduct on the weekend of February 7th, but if you miss that then there is plenty of later races that will get your started. To be a part of the Final Round you must have placed at least one $20 bet in the Prep Round which involves placing a bet on the Derby itself and once the result is called the prize money is handed out. It's a great Twinspires racing promotion and one that runs for a while which is always good to get involved in. The Million Dollar prize can be won should you place winning bets in all 19 Prep Round races and then place a winning wager on the Derby, and while we're in no way suggesting that's easily done, it's well worth a shot for that kind of cash.

Twinspires welcomes racing bettors from the US and new members will get a generous $100 welcome bonus and on top of this great Kentucky Derby promotion there's plenty of other competitions, deals and rewards, in fact there's always something going on at this quality racing site. You'll also find plenty of racing information, race videos and handicapping tools too, in fact, if you're a US horse racing fan then Twinspires has pretty much everything that you need.