New Innovative Way to Play Slots

The online slots and casino games development company of Genii has come up with a novel way of spinning slots, or should we say ‘not’ spinning slots. Since the creation of the slot machine it’s been a case of hitting the spin button and letting the reels go to work, however Genii have come up with an alternative way to play, and it’s an interactive way that may just take off. The selection of new slots is called Spin 16 and mobile slots players, instead of simply spinning the reels can now swipe the screen of their mobile device and make those reels go up and down and left or right, which is a huge change in the way the player interacts with the slot. Nick Barr over at Genii says that, “There has been very little true innovation in slots over the past few decades. Yes, the graphics look nicer, but the way they are played hasn’t really changed. Spin16 is a truly unique slots concept which is built for today’s devices. The games are still very much video slots, they retain enough similarity to the recognised format for easy player transition, but also feel new and improved.” The Spin 16 slots themselves look very much like regular mobile slots, it’s when you actually start playing them that you notice the big differences. With 16 different ways to spin the slot it is a truly unique way to play, and the features are different too with the second phase match game and a superb spin hot and spin cold feature which allows players to base their spins on other players action. The Spin 16 slots collection is available for play on all Android and iOS Apple devices and we’re sure that we’ll be seeing this new type of mobile slot in some of the very best mobile casinos very soon.