How Many Reels? Pick the Game You Want Instantly at Bovada Casino

If you’ve played a few online slot games before now, you’ll probably be familiar with the changing number of reels they have in play. Some have the standard three reels while others might have five, for example.

The only problem is you normally have to trawl through all the games a site has available in order to find a particular type of game. Even if you happen to know the title you want to play, you usually have to search the long way.

Not so with Bovada Casino, though, as you’re about to find out

To begin, select the slots option once you’ve entered the casino. This is on the left side of the website in that section. Click on slots and you’ll see all the slots games the site has to offer.

When you do this, you’ll notice there is an arrow next to the words ‘all slots’ in the yellow menu bar near the top of the website. Click on that arrow to reveal a drop-down box.

Choose the type of slot you want to play – including the number of reels

This is a neat feature you’ll really come to love! The first option in this drop-down section is five reels. This means if you click on that option, you’ll get only the five-reel games available at Bovada .

Furthermore, if you scroll down the list you’ll see an option to find all the three-reel slots as well. This gives you easy access to all the three-reel games, without having to look through all the other games as well. If all you want to play is a game with a particular number of reels, this is the way to find what you want.

This is a great way to find other options too

Are you looking for real-series slot games? You can find those using this method as well. How about video slots, or maybe those with progressive jackpots? Yes, this is the way to locate them.

Whatever you choose, the options under that heading will instantly load with no delay at all. You can then choose to go for the free play option or play for real money prizes.

As you can see, Bovada makes everything very easy for you. A user-friendly website is surely one of the things every slot player wants to see. Bovada certainly ticks that particular box, so check it out for yourself today .