Coffee and Gambling

I don't know about you, but I don't see many people at casinos drinking coffee while gambling. However, those who gamble from home or use their mobile devices may have a cup of java at their table. They say they most people have a "tell." So what does coffee have to do with gambling? You may be as surprised as we were to find that the type of coffee a gambler drinks says a lot about their habits. Here are some interesting facts we encountered.

  • A person who drinks Cappuccino is considered to be a thrill seeker, throwing caution to the wind.
  • If you drink Café Latte, you are considered to be a strategist. You enjoy the games and generally come out even.
  • Espresso drinkers are risk takers. You always bet the max and never fold.
  • One who drinks Café Mocha is a beginner in the world of gambling. You take your time, bet lightly, and just stay within the limits.
  • Players who drink iced coffee win jackpots because they can read people quite well, and because their instincts are in high gear.
  • The gambler who drinks coffee black may be a loner, but also one who is the most serious of gamblers. This person uses a strategy with winning as their only goal.

Can you identify with any of these "tells?" If so, you may want to change your coffee habits just in case your competitors have read about these gambling techniques as well.