Blackjack’s First Female Professional Gambler

Her name was Eleanor Dumont, but came to be known as Madame Moustache. She was born in New Orleans in 1829 and soon became the first professional gambler in the Old West. She was a strong woman who didn’t take any guff from men, especially men who dominated this era. Eleanor was quite an enigma. If you cheated her at cards, she would shoot you. But if you were hungry and penniless, she would feed you. She was considered a genius at business, and owned several gambling houses in the Old West. As she became a little older, she became a Madam by using the gambling houses as a front. Unfortunately, she retired from the gambling life and became a rancher. She too became penniless when she was conned out of her life savings. But Eleanor didn’t give up. She started gambling again to make up for the loss. Oh, by the way, she shot the man that swindled her. Later on in years, Eleanor started drinking. Truth be told, she could drink men under the table. In the Fall of 1879, Eleanor committed suicide4.

How Did Eleanor Dumont Get the Name Madame Moustache?

Oddly enough, she had a very thick moustache on her upper lip. But that, too, was part of her character. Eleanor Dumont, the first professional blackjack gambler in the history of the US - we salute you.