What is an Instant Play Casino?

For those of you who are new to online casino gambling, Instant Play allows you to play games in Flash directly on your browser. You may have also noticed as you look for online casinos to join, that most of them offer Instant Play. Some offer it together with Download, while some offer all games in Flash. So as not to confuse the point, Flash games are the same as Instant Play games.

Where Can I Find Instant Play Casinos?

We have a listing of the top ten casinos for US players in which instant play is offered. While there are exceptions to this rule, that is, a few casinos only offer download in which you would have to download the entire casino in order to play casino games, 90% of all online casinos offer Instant Play. The number of instant play casinos varies, in that some will offer 60+ games in Flash, while others may offer all games in Flash. As for mobile casinos, they also offer instant play games as well.