Spin Palace Flash Casino Page

Out of all the information displayed on Spin Palace Flash Casino ’s site, this page is the most informative. They list all of the games in their casino in an easy to read format. They even list the number of casino games you can play in each category. Here is what the flash casino Spin Palace page looks like. You can access this page by clicking on Flash Casino at the upper right corner of the main site.

Flash Games

Blackjack has 17 games; Table Games has 12; Multi-player and tournament games have 1; Classic slots have 74; Video slots have 75; Video poker games have 21; Variety games have 33. At the bottom of this page, there is a real money button you can use to play in this mode. Also at the bottom of this “lobby” page you will see the following: Games, My Promotions, News, My Account, Bank, Help, Contact Us, and Game View. All these are helpful to you and you can access them without having to go to the main site. At the very bottom of the page is a gold line that indicates your Credits; Options; Connect; and Exit. You will also be able to see that this page is for iPads, iPhones and PCs. This is a very well thought out lobby area, and one you should go to directly if you wish to play Spin Palace Flash Casino .