Sexy Manhattan Slots Casino

Did you know that Manhattan Slots Casino is loosely based on the hit TV series Sex and the City? Unfortunately, however, Sex and the City Slots is only available at land-based casinos. And you’re in luck, because if you live in the Queens area, you can play Sex and the City Slots at Resorts World Casino (formerly Aqueduct Racetrack).

About Sex and the City Slots

While looking at You Tube versions of this slot game, I found three of them. The first was a four-screen slot, the second was a Sex and the City Platinum version, and the third was a 5-reel, 35-payline slot. Based on the four women, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, the bonus rounds were particularly fascinating, yielding very high payouts. So why is Sex and the City so popular after 5 years? The choice made from the first play, which is, choosing one of the characters. If you’re ever in the New York area on vacation, or happen to live there, drop by Resorts World Casino and play Sex and the City Slots. Or, join Manhattan Slots Casino and enjoy the wealth and splendor of this fabulous online casino.