What is Hi-Lo Shuffle?

When you were a kid, have you ever played a card game in which one deck of cards is used and dealt to you and a friend. Then each of you would turn over a card and if you have a higher card then your friend, you would win the pile. Or perhaps you played a slot game in which you chose to play the Gamble Game and were asked to choose whether the card chosen will be higher or lower that the current card placed before you. Or, you would have to guess if the card drawn is red or black. It’s the same premise, except for one thing. Hi-Lo Shuffle is a real game that you can play at Bovada Casino. The game is called Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo, and we have a full review on our site.

How to Play Hi-Lo Shuffle?

Simply put, you have to decide whether the next number drawn will be higher or lower that the current number. You can keep playing as long as you guess correctly until you either collect your winnings or lose. The minimum bet is 50 cents and the max bet is $100. We recommend you read the rules of the game before you play so that you can fully comprehend this game. Playing the game works as follows: There is a shuffle zone, and if the number in it is between 20 and 30 you can shuffle to another number before making your choice. If you choose the same number after deciding to go hi or lo, you lose. For example, if a Queen is on the board, the King is the only card that would be higher. Thus, betting low would be a good move. You will then win 1.1 times your bet or $10 if you bet the max of $100. This not merely considered a game of luck, but a game in which you have to really think about your choices. If you’ve never played Hi-Lo Shuffle before, we recommend you give it a try.