What Does Candy Crush & Other Games in this Genre Have in Common with Slots?

A recent article suggests that games played on smart phones are making their way to Las Vegas Casinos. Since the numbers suggest that the amount of money bet on slots has been in decline, that utilizing mobile games that appear to be versions of some of the more popular apps is going to make up for lost revenue. For example, one site indicated that a game called Lucky Words will incorporate betting, thus taking the place of the popular app Words with Friends. Thus they will be added to Caesars Casinos in Las Vegas and San Diego. The reason for this is to “gamblify mobile games to lure millennials into the casinos.” So what is the end game here? To attract a new “breed” of game that will offer a social component rather than just offering games of chance. Perhaps this is due to the fact that app games account for “70%” of all purchases. Whether you agree with this new form of slot gaming or not, it will ultimately be up to the gamers who decide whether this new form slot play will be beneficial to them or not. We’ll just have to wait and see.