Video Games vs. Slot Machines

In an article that recently raised the question about video games taking over slot machines, and that in their words "slot machines are set for a major evolution," this writer totally disagrees with this hypothetical scenario. While it is true that land-based casinos are seeing a decline in slot machine use, what has not been considered a factor is that online slot gambling has surged over the years, thus contributing to slot use throughout the US and the world. Another reason for the decline of land-based slots is the legalization of online gambling in some US states, with more to come next year. The revenue made from online slot play has been crucial to states where revenue had been declining. However, today we are seeing that decline dissipated by the emergence of new online casinos for US players.

Reason for Decline in Slot Play

One of the factors cited in the aforementioned articled is that "young adults are used to a more sophisticated level of video entertainment." Add to this the fact that the so-called "millennials" visiting Las Vegas Casinos has dropped by 15%. Thus, some new companies are emerging offering video games similar to arcade games that will somehow attract these young people. But this may be far into the future. It is this writer's opinion, although Las Vegas has seen a decline in revenue it is simply not based on the fact that young people are not playing slots. Older people are playing them as well as other casino games. They are still fully engaged. It also should be noted, however, that another reason slot machines in land-based casinos are on the decline could be attributed to the fact that they do not pay as high a percentage as online slots.

The Future of Slot Play

We live in a world of technology where casino games are available to everyone, everywhere, and at any time. With the rise of online mobile casinos, we have also seen a rise in slot play from every generation - young and old. So the notion that video games will take over slot play will not in any way impinge on the massive number of online players who enjoy all types of casino games; from sports betting to casino play. Nor will it allow for video games to become the next generation of games to come. Slots have become technologically sophisticated, thus bringing in a new generation of players. Therefore, slot games, at least online, are here to stay.