The Effects of Brexit’s Exit from the European Union

Obviously, the effects of Brexit’s have been felt worldwide, making the political climate a hazardous one. How will this effect online gambling in the UK? Leaving aside the fact that new regulations will have to be imposed, it will take about two years for the changes to take effect. What has happened so far is that the market has reacted unfavorably. The British pound reached a 30-year low, but Bitcoin has gone up and down. Although, it did rise after the vote, pundits state that Bitcoin will be the currency of the future. It is also unclear how this will affect online casinos. There is talk that Bet365 Casino and Betfair may leave the UK market. Time will tell how this sudden and unfortunate turn of events will leave the online gambling market. At least for now, there has been no immediate concern. But one has to wonder if this will affect other online gambling sites in the future.