Know When to Hold ‘Em…..Best Gambling Movies

‘The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers is well known throughout the gambling world. But in addition to songs devoted to gambling, there are movies that you may have seen that describe the life of a gambler in many different ways. In fact, we think these movies are a must-see for all gamblers, regardless of the games they play. Thus, we thought it would be an interesting concept to present to you the top five gambling movies of all time, from the latest to the earliest.

  • Casino Royal: Produced in 2006, many of you may be familiar with this James Bond movie in which he is involved in a high stakes poker game.
  • Ocean’s Eleven: Produced in 2001, this is the story of a group of men who are skilled at stealing money from Las Vegas Casinos.
  • Croupier: Produced in 2000, this is the story of a croupier who is working at a London Casino but has lost control as he is talked into a scheme that would take advantage of the casino because gambling is his ultimate calling.
  • Rounders: Produced in 1998, this story involved playing poker underground. It delves into the mind of a poker player in a brilliant way.
  • Casino: Produced in 1995, this story is about a sports handicapper who gets involved with the mob in Las Vegas.

More Gambling Movies

Although we listed the top five movies about gambling or gamblers, here are some others that have also become famous over the years:

The Hustler; The Gambler; The Sting; The Cincinnati Kid; The Pope of Greenwich Village; Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Bandits; and Big Hand for a Little Lady.