Ceasars Stock Soars

While the economy is still inching its way towards recovery, one need only look at the stock market to ascertain where we stand. Caesars, in its first public offering as a NASDAQ stock, soared to a whopping 70% on its first trading day. This is in the wake of its decision to cancel its prior filing to go public under Harrah’s Entertainment back in 2010. With its casinos based in the US and the UK, it is no surprise that its initial stock offer of $9 per share jumped to $15.30 by day’s end. Now that’s a sign of recovery!

Bank on Three Casino Stocks

If you purchased the new Caesar stock, you came out a winner because most of the other shares of casino stocks had poor showings. For example, WYNN suffered a big loss as did MGM stock. However, LVS (Las Vegas Sands) went up slightly, gaining 3%. Out of all the casino stocks listed on the exchange, the three most likely to perform well in


are Caesars, MGM, and WYNN.