South Point Poker gets Ready for Real Money

South Point Casino were granted their license to operate online poker in the state of Nevada back in August and it's looking likely that they will be the first to be up and running. They are now actively seeking the staff they need to finalize the project and to hit the ground running. South Point was the first to be granted a license in Nevada and was first in a long line of hotels and I.T companies to get the thumbs up. They are currently seeking graphic designers, supervisors as well as customer service agents to help them out, with a view to to the first hand being played at South Point as early as this fall. It took a very early lead in the Nevada online poker race and hasn't looked back and it appears testing has been done and they are ready to go, let's put it another wouldn't hire customer service staff if you weren't planning on having any customers soon. They are in a great position to join the online poker world as they will be accepting deposits to their online offering via the land based casino, giving their regulars at the casino a familiar brand to deal with online and creating an on/offline community. They showed interest in online poker as soon as Nevada stated it was considering an intra-state online poker industry, and they have followed through, looking likely to be the first of many accepted real money online in Nevada.