Multiplayer Marine Mayhem Slots

In the world of online slot games, we get new games and new side games on a regular basis, but in the big picture, there is nothing really new.

Except when there is something new. One of those rare and delightful exceptions is the new Multiplayer Marine Mayhem Slots at William Hill Casino. This is a super slot game that you can play in a group with your friends. You have community chat available, so you can cheer others on and you can brag on your good spins.

William Hill Casino has recently rolled out this terrific new slot extravaganza, and it is taking the slot playing world by storm. We predict that within the year you will be seeing quite a few more of this style of communal game.

Marine Theme

Given the great new concept, Boss Media, the platform on which William Hill Casino is based, did not have to pull out all the stops, but they did so anyway. Marine Mayhem is a beautiful ocean themed game with beautiful underwater graphics. The lower level symbols are handled by the old standby card indices, this time beautifully rendered as underwater sculptures. Higher level symbols include panoply of sea life, including jellyfish, sea horses, clownfish, orca, skates and sharks.

And then there is the jackpot number, the lucky, lucky number seven.

An Ocean of Winnings

The game is a basic five reel, 20 payline type of game. No side games or free spins on this one - the extra bonus lies in the progressive jackpot. Instead of having one player striving for the jackpot, however, players have teams of 10 all playing for it. When the jackpot is hit by a given team, all the members of that team get a cut of the pot, and the fun starts over again.

As with any slot game, combinations of any of the symbols result in payouts. And then there are the sevens.

Sevens show up in Marine Mayhem in red, white, blue and gold. A run of three in blue results in an award of 40% of the current jackpot. White sevens get 60%, red sevens, 80% and gold sevens get 100% of the jackpot as it stands.

Play Multiplayer Marine Mayhem Now!

This is sure to be the precursor to the hottest trend in slot gaming on the Internet. This is a beautiful and fun game, and it gives players the opportunity to interact with other players. Get settled into your favorite gaming station and play some Multiplayer Marine Mayhem Slots tonight!

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