Place Bets via a Facebook Chatbot

You’re probably wondering what a chatbot is. Before we explain what the chatbot does, here’s a bit of information about Onionsack. It was founded in 2005 and is a bet messaging software platform that services sports betting and media genres. This company is based in Ireland. In fact, their messaging platform is used by several online betting sites such as Paddy Power Casino, William Hill Casino, and sites in the UK and France.

What is Paddy Power’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

It is a Facebook messenger that allows players to make bets through the app, using Paddy Power as the first go-to bookmaker.

How Does Chatbot Operate?

All you have to do is to go to Facebook Messenger and do a search for Paddy Power. The chatbot will appear in the options list. Just click on the Paddy Power link and then the get started button to begin your chat to Paddy. The Onionsack messaging platform will allow you to log in to your account, check your balance, place bets – all using Facebook Messenger. You can also receive updates as well. One of the key components of Onionsack is that when you send a message about the bet you want to place, Onionsack will be able to execute the transaction as stated by you. According to the stats, all of Paddy Power customers have Facebook accounts, enabling them to place bets through the Facebook Messenger app. Other than placing bets, you can receive news, blog posts, videos, and be entertained as well.