Casino Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

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There are a surprising amount of myths about casinos out there, whether we're discussing myths related to simply games themselves or myths directly related to the physical establishment. Whether you're playing online or in person, it's important to know what is reality and what is myth! In this article, we're going to debunk the most widely spread myths.

Are Casino Games Rigged?

This is perhaps one of the most longstanding and commonly spread myths regarding playing, and it couldn't be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is most casino games are not rigged. While casino games are designed to give the house an edge, that doesn't mean they are rigged per se. The house edge plays out over some time across thousands of players, and that's how the house edge is determined. All of this doesn't mean it's impossible to win. Table games are thought to be more fair, while slots in particular suffer from a negative reputation and a widespread rumor about them being rigged.

The truth is every slot machine uses a random number generator, and that RNG determines what symbols land and guarantees you results. You have a chance of hitting a payout on every spin. This is a fact when it comes to licensed and regulated platforms, because the third party that regulates a platform has to test the random number generators on slot games to ensure their fairness.

Is Card Counting Illegal?

This is another common myth. Card counting is not legal, you cannot be thrown in jail for counting cards. Obviously, casinos would prefer you not count cards as it changes the stats for a casino and reduces the house edge. If you are caught counting cards, you'll be asked to leave the casino. The casino might notify other casinos and inform them about you. However, there are no legal repercussions regarding counting cards. Still, I would advise against doing it, as it's still not allowed in most casinos.

What About Hot and Cold Slots?

This is a widely circulated myth in the gambling community. Basically, the myth entails that when a machine starts paying out, the frequency of the payouts will increase because the slot is 'hot' and if a slot goes a long time without paying out, it's a 'cold' slot. The truth is every single spin is entirely independent from the previous one. There is no rhyme and reason associated with this. Every spin gives you an equal opportunity to either win or lose. Sometimes slots pay out in quick succession while other times slots don't pay out for a while, but a random number generator is the reason for this.

If You Haven't Won For a While, You're Due a Win

It's all too common for players to delusionally believe they deserve a large payout because a machine has been dry for a while and they haven't triggered any wins. The truth is this is not the case for most machines or games period. This is often called the Gamblers Fallacy. Every spin, and every chance to win big is entirely independent of each other. All too often players might avoid a machine that just awarded a jackpot because they feel it can't pay another jackpot to them, and that's simply not the case!

Do Dealers Rig Games When You're on a Winning Streak?

The dealer under any circumstances is not allowed to cheat. I can see why players might have their suspicions, and there's a widespread myth that this is the case. However, the games are designed to give the Houde the edge. It's not necessary for dealers to rig games, because eventually the casino makes a profit regardless. Also, casinos are regulated by independent bodies that protect the player's safety. They test the RNG of slot machines along with reviewing the dealer's processes.

Casino Games are Just Luck

This is only partially true. Yes, luck is a key factor in most of these games. However, many games require quite a bit of strategy and skill. if you're playing a game like slots, or roulette, these games depend more on luck than anything. However, poker and blackjack are different because skill can increase your chances of winning quite a bit.

Busy Casinos Have Better Slots

By better slots, of course I mean players think the more traffic a casino generators, the more likely it is you'll win because more money is pumped into these machines. When you consider the RNG's used to operate slot machines, you'll know immediately this is untrue. You could be the only one on the floor or one of hundreds of people, your chances of winning will not increase or decrease. Of course, if you're in a busier casino and you want to play progressive jackpot games, there is a benefit to that.

Do Online Casinos Really Pay?

Online casino gambling is one of the most popular forms of gambling in recent years, and has become increasingly more popular as every year passes. However, many land-based casino lovers are still skeptical because of the nature of the internet. Too many illegitimate businesses and more important, illegitimate casinos can form online. While there are online casino scam sites, if you know what to look for they're easy to avoid. If the site you're thinking about trying is licensed and regulated, you'll receive your winnings as long as you fulfill the wagering requirements. This myth has been perpetuated by both scam sites along with the fact many players don't understand the terms and conditions associated with online casino bonuses. If you play without bonuses, there's usually rarely a wagering requirement. However, if you wish to enjoy the benefits of the bonus, you have to comply with the wagering requirements so it's fair for the casino as well, otherwise people would just cash out free money without even winning. Wagering requirements prevent bonus abuse.

Slot Machines Pay Out More Frequently at Specific Times

There is a widely perpetuated myth that payout percentages of slot machines are better at specific times, and the casinos themselves manipulate them. This is simply untrue. The RTP of a specific game is predetermined by the game's design and programmed into the machine.

Loyalty Cards Affect Slot Payouts

There is a benefit to being a loyal player at any given casino, whether online or in real life. However, there is a misconception that using your player card, or being a member of a casino's loyalty program will give you different odds as opposed to players without a card. This is not true. They say when a player card is inserted into a casino's machine, your chances of winning are reduced. The cards are all about offering rewards for playing, so it wouldn't be in the casino's favor to make it harder for players to win just because they inserted their card. Loyalty cards come with all sorts of perks and benefits for that very reason!

Special Casino Oxygen

This might be the silliest myth on the entire list, but it's something a lot of gamblers surprisingly believe. The myth is that casinos pump additional oxygen into the AC on casino floors, which in return results in more energetic players. Some even believe they had pheromones in the air. This is impossible because pumping additional oxygen into the air would increase flammability. Also tampering with the air itself is illegal!