Together We Spin: Social Slot Gaming Communities

Social Casinos exist in a special space in the gambling community. Social casinos are gaming sites that don't exactlty offer real money play, however you can still claim real money prizes. You don't make cash wagers, however. This might sound a bit contradictory, but once you understand in depth how social casinos operate, it'll all make sense.

Social casinos can offer a new sense of community many other platforms don't. It's not entirely about isolated gameplay in your house anymore. Instead, many sites incorporate social media, live chatting, special forums and other elements to add a more social layer to your typical online casino.

At social casinos, you don't need to make a deposit. Hence why the phrase 'no purchase necessary' is often found on a plethora of different social casino sites. As long as you meet the age requirements, you can use simple registration links and start playing your favorite games without spending a dime. Social casinos operate using a virtual currency, referred to as coins.

What About Real Cash Prizes?

Now, we've established playing on a social casino is free, but you might be wondering why the platform still offers payment options and allows you to win real cash prizes in that case? Well, you can buy packages that contain extra chips, and everyone is allowed a certain amount of virtual currency daily. You can purchase more, and these packages contain something called Sweeps Coins. You can also win sweeps and claim free Sweeps Coins other ways. You can use these coins to claim special rewards, and these rewards include cash prizes. Many times, these sites are referred to as social casino real money apps, but technically everything is still done with virtual currency, which can lead to real cash prizes.

How Does Social Media Come Into Play?

Many social casinos do their best to create a sense of community on their pages, through live chats and forums, tournaments and other ways to actively participate with other players. Many times you can refer your friends to the platform and claim a boast in return.

Both real money casinos and social casinos have been incorporating social media into their platform. For example, some sites give out extra bonuses if you follow them on a certain platform, such as X, Facebook or Instagram. You just need to check their official page for contests or free bonuses, plus you can interact with your fellow players and possibly make new friends along the way.

The element that was often missing from the origins of online casinos itself was the social element. In many ways, an online casinos and a social casino can compete with any real life casino if we're talking game content alone. In fact, an online platform allows you access to thousands of games you wouldn't have access to otherwise, and you don't even need to leave your house. However, there is a very isolating element about never leaving your house, too. So when certain sites decided to incorporate social media into their platform, it opened up a new avenue for a more interactive online gaming experience.

Real Money Social Casinos

So, we've established you can earn real money on social casino platforms. However, the way you earn real money isn't what you think. These sites use promotional sweepstakes, which are special coins that can be exchanged for cash prizes. That means you can't win cash prizes directly for playing, but instead through a redemption system.

Social Casino Currencies Explained

The fact social casinos offer two different virtual currencies can be a little confusing if you've never used a social casino before, but we're here to break them down for you. As we've previously mentioned, you can play casino games using the two separate currency types, the free coins and the sweepstakes casinos. The free coins are usually called gold coins, unless the platform has renamed their free token. The gold coins are used purely for entertainment, meanwhile sweeps coins are the coins that can be directly exchanged for real prizes.

This might seem confusing at first because you can't win cash prizes on social gaming sites, but you can through the sweepstakes system. Through this system, you can win prizes with real world value. This novel system is legal through US sweepstake laws. After all, the main reason gamblers play sweepstakes casinos is because US laws are so strict on gambling, and whether or not online gambling is legal changes from state to state.

Gold Coins Explained

Gold coins are the industry standard in the social casino world. Whether or not the particular site calls them gold coins or renames them something else, the premise will always be the same. You use these gold coins to play casino style games, and you don't have to spend a dime. No purchase is necessary! Many times, social casinos are referred to as 'no limit coin social sites' for this reason, because the amount of coins you can accumulate is unlimited.

Most social casinos award free chips on a daily basis. There are usually numerous ways to claim free coins, though some restrictions will apply. Regardless, under no circumstance will you be required to pay for gold coins.

Sweepstakes Coins Explained

Sweepstakes coins are sometimes referred to as promotional sweepstakes. These coins can be either bought or won by playing social casino games. As I previously stated, you can play for free with gold coins, but you'll always have the option to top up your balance by purchasing a coins package. Coin packages usually contain sweepstakes tokens. You can use tokens instead of gold coins. Sweepstake coins can be exchanged for prizes, and every casino has its own system.

You redeem your sweepstake coins for prizes such as gift vouchers, cash, and other real money prizes. The coins themselves don't have any value, but you can exchange them for items of value, and that's why sweepstakes casinos can operate in areas where regular casinos can't.

What Else Does a Social Casino Contain?

Social casinos aren't that fundamentally different from a regular online casino. What gaming options a social casino offers are extremely important. The average social casino doesn't usually offer as many games as a real money casino site, but they'll cover all of the main basics. Most social casinos have slots, blackjack, and roulette, and some even offer video poker, and bingo.

Even though the games they host themselves are free, they still have excellent customer service available, which will come in handy in software crashes or your purchase isn't processed. Many social casinos are available in app form, so you can download them to your mobile device or desktop computer if you prefer to play that way. There are sites that don't offer an app version of their casinos, but that's less common than a site that will offer one, especially with social casinos.

Bonuses and promotions are still just as important even at a social casino as well. Many social casinos offer new player bonuses. Aside from welcome offers, you can claim daily login bonuses, and random prizes. Social casinos use these bonuses as incentives to get you to play their games. Lastly, safety is still of the upmost importance on a social casino. Most operators protect your details as much as your funds. Whether you're playing with virtual currency or purchasing coins, your data will always be safe. Many social casinos use SSL encryption software to protect their site along with their customers.