21 - The Greatest Blackjack Movie

Blackjack card counting, contrary to popular belief, is not a myth. There are reasons based within mathematics and statistics for why card counting works and ultimately what people are finding when they try it out is that once they get the hang of it, things end up going really well for them over the long run in their blackjack experiences. That is, assuming that they have the ability to avoid detection by the security forces at the casino. Essentially, this is what 21 is about. There are a number of different movies out that have dealt with the subject of poker and gambling due to poker, but there have not been that many movies that have specifically focused on the idea of playing blackjack and card counting (even though it has been a plot element of movies in the past that primarily dealt with other topics). Therefore, 21 is a sort of pioneer within its own right and for that reason, many of the reviews regarding the movie have been quite positive. What 21 has done right essentially is to allow people to get a close up account of one of the most interesting events in the real life of the history of casino gambling. 21 is not actually a movie that was dreamed up on the spot out of nowhere, but is rather based on a true story concerning the MIT card counting team. This team, lead in real life by a man named Jeff Ma, is a team that had the art of teamwork and card counting down to such perfection that over a weekend in Vegas they won millions of dollars and ended up bringing the biggest casinos in the town down to their knees because they were so good at what they did. No card counting expedition since has been anywhere near as good as the MIT card counting team was and no card counting expedition is likely to come close to their level of success for some time to come know since Vegas has revamped their security. While the movie got this homage to the MIT card counting team right, at the same time there were a number of factual inaccuracies within the movie that really would be caught right away by someone that understood how team card counting worked. Incorrect use of spotters at different tables to facilitate the playing of the big player is one example of inaccuracy as is the idea that biometric software can now be used in lieu of human methods for blackjack card counting in most casinos. Finally, the main character’s reason for playing the game has been completely changed in movie from real life and that is something that actually changes the dynamic of the whole movie. While these factual mistakes are quite glaring, at the same time they do not detract enough from the overall enjoyable experience of watching this movie. In conclusion, if you want to get an entertaining introduction into the world of card counting, then watching this movie might definitely be the way to do it. Just don’t assume that the movie will give you the completely true and accurate picture of card counting. It would be too simple to get a movie and beat real life casino defense system. In order to have a chance to do that you will have to get much more information from the internet and books later on and practice a lot and who knows, may be the next movie will be about you!