Hi Lo Blackjack Card Counting

Hi-Low Count in blackjack is not only known as a system but also at the most basic black jack counting strategy used worldwide. It is simple yet useful. Each card in the deck is given a certain value ranging from –1, +1 and 0. The total is zero of a 52 card deck on game.

This system is commonly known as the additional and subtraction system introduced by Harvey Dubner. As I stated above, this Hi-Low Count blackjack strategy is usually the beginning road for beginners on the table. Hi-Low Count is also a simple way to begin your tracking in the balance of high cards in the deck provided. So, Hi-Low Count is actually generally called as a balanced system. So, what number represents balanced? Of course, it would be zero since zero balanced the 52 card deck on the game.

Lower value cards such as 2,3,4,5 and 6 are represented with a value of +1 in the deck. Middle value cards from 7-9 is neutral cards and are represented with a 0 value. Higher value cards such as 10, jack, queen, king and ace are represented with a -1 value.

Now that is the beginning.

Even though Hi-Low counting system is merely for beginners, advanced professional players can also use this method. Well, that makes them actually smarter in doing so. Through the concept the higher you count, the more the higher cards in number is in the deck. With higher cards in number, this is a better chance of a high card to make some of those complicated decision slightly less complicated to make. Well for a smart player, they will know what are the consequences are by using this count method in order of achieving what they expected to happen.

BlackJack strategies

Here are three types of strategies players can use in order to be professional and advanced than the rest.

Card Counting

High valued cards are excellent for the players and the low valued cards are the opposite for the players. By keeping track on the cards, it is easier for players to predict what happens next. Card counting does not require much photographic memory but the effectiveness.

Running Count

As you know which is the high value cards (+1) and the low value cards (-), we will go on to the running count. The running count main goal is to indicate how many cards had been dealt no matter whether it has a high or low value.

True Count

To know the balance, true count can be used. Each high card that considered as an addition 0.5% would be beneficial to players. So as excellent players, we must calculate the balance on the extra high cards as an advantage. That is what we call the basic of true count.

So in the way, this would be fair to all players since there is no cheating behind this game of blackjack. It is a strategy and not a cheating scheme. What can I say? This strategy of Hi-Low counting system is more than just a strategy. It is a fair play and I can say this method is usually used by smart intelligent players to begin with. After all, those who are observant will determine his or her success in the end of the game.

To play the game, you must break the rules. To break the rules, you must have the skills and knowledge in the game. That way is not cheating but instead using your psychological intelligent brain in your head.