What to know when betting on the standardbred race

When it comes to horseracing there are many different types, from the well known world of Thoroughbred racing to the more specialized world of Quarter Horse racing.

One of the most exciting forms of horseracing, however,is the standardbred race. What separates standardbred racing from other forms of horseracing is that the horses are driven instead of ridden.

However,the same rules apply when betting on standardbred racehorses, and it is still important to know as much as possible about each of the contestants, both human and equine. The driver may just be the most important part of the picture when handicapping a standardbred horse race.

The driver in a standardbred race is just as important as the jockey in a Thoroughbred race, and he or she is an athlete in their own right. Each driver will have a different level of racing ability, and it is important for the handicapper to keep track of how each driver has performed in past races.

The consistency of the horses in the race is another important factor, and it is a good idea to examine the record of each horse in the race. Good standard-bred racehorses are able to perform consistently,and reviewing the statistics for past races, including the number of starts the horse has, the number of wins,number of seconds, number of thirds,etc., All these will help the handicapper form a strong opinion of which horse will win the race.

When betting on standard-bred horse races, it helps to know that these horses are typically raced against others of similar ability. It is the task of the race secretary to put together a well matched and competitive field of horses for each race.

As with thoroughbred racing, the post position is an important factor in the outcome of the race. In most races, the post positions one through four will have the biggest advantage, especially on short half-mile tracks. Those horses with the outside post positions will lose important ground on the turns.