Slots Tickets Instead of Cash….Really?

There has been some controversy about the way land-based casinos have been replacing cash with tickets. Many people love playing with cash and coins, and especially love the coins dropping in the tray. But that’s not a problem anyone will face when playing slots online. Although the cash used to make bets is “virtual” in a way, you are nonetheless using your funds to make a deposit and thus you are playing slots for cash. Most players who go to land-based casino would prefer the latter, that is, playing slots with actual cash. But, since that is pretty much going by the wayside, it is no wonder that online casinos are putting land-based casinos out of business. Now you may ask "what is the difference." The difference is that playing online can be achieved anywhere, anytime especially now that we have mobile devices taking the lead. Moreover, online slots pay a higher percentage than land-based casinos.

Play Online Slots for Cash

If playing slots at land-based casinos has become an unfulfilling experience, we highly recommend you play at our online casinos for US players. Not only will you find better slot games, but the welcome bonuses (which you do not get at land-based casinos) are much higher than ever before. Moreover, some casinos even give you a no deposit bonus just to try out their games. Therefore, playing slots for cash (no matter what the form) online is even more satisfying and lucrative than playing slots for tickets.