Play Baccarat for a Buck

If you've visited land-based casinos, you may be very familiar with the game Baccarat. Perhaps you've played it, or stood by watching others play it. Either way, it was typically a high stakes card game. However, today, anyone can play Baccarat online for only a buck. Yes, $1 a round. Sounds too good to be true; but it is.

Mobile Version of the New Baccarat Game

Baccarat has been launched for mobile players and is one of the exciting entries into the mobile world of gaming. Playing this game may seem a bit complex; however, it is easy once you know how to play. It consists of betting on one of three wins: the Player, the Banker, or a Tie. But in this version you are neither. You will simply be an observer who will bet on who wins. Yep, that's all that's to it. You make a bet on who you think will win; the player, the banker, or the tie.

How is the Game Played?

The player and the banker each receive two face-up cards. The player can draw more cards if he or she has a hand between zero and 5. The banker, on the other hand, will draw another card if he or she has a hand between zero and 2. But if the banker has a hand between 3 and 6, he or she may draw another card depending upon the player's score. At the end of the round, the one who is closer to 9 will win.

What Are the Cards Worth in Points?

The ace is 1 point; cards 2-9 have face value, and all other cards are worth zero. You won't have to worry about adding up cards or anything like that. Remember, you are the Observer. The wins will be recorded by two game features. The Bead Plate and the Big Road will present the outcome of each round in an easy and understandable way. In order to adjust your bets accordingly, the player, banker, and tie are color-coded making it easy for you to figure out the patterns. The Road May is color-coded as well, and will include bonus symbols.

No More Red Velvet Ropes

You can now play Baccarat is this very easy and simple way. With $1 round, how can you lose? We invite you to enjoy playing the new and simpler version of Baccarat on your mobile devices.