Win Real Cash When You Play Online Slots

Imagine that you have gone to a land-based casino, and the slot machine you want to play only except tickets to bet. Then let’s say you win. Does real money come out of the slot machine? No. You are given tickets worth what you won. Is that fun? Certainly not! Now imagine you join an online casino for US players. You make a deposit in the form of cash, check, or credit card (all of which is real cash), and you receive free money from the casino as a welcome bonus. Let’s say you also receive promotional bonuses as well. Both these bonuses are deposited into your account as real cash. Wouldn’t you rather play online slots and win real cash than play at a land-based casino and win tickets?

Playing Online Slots Today

Years ago, playing online slots in land-based casinos afforded you real cash winnings. This is not true today. But what is true is that when you join an online casino you not only receive free cash but you win real cash when playing online slots. While it is true that the winnings are not something you can hold in your hand, they are nonetheless put into your casino account. You can then withdraw that money AND hold it in your hands because it is real cash that you’ve won. Moreover, playing online slots in our casinos affords you huge benefits. Casinos will always give free money just to let you try out their games; or they will have tournaments you can enter for free; or they will have special weekly promotions as well as membership in their VIP Clubs. All of this translates to receiving real cash. So that there is no doubt; when you play online slots you win real cash.