Slots Games on Social Networks

When you think about social networks, the one that immediately comes to mind is Facebook. Recently, Facebook announced that would offer slot games for their members. Thus, playing slot games on social networks is in its infancy, and it is too soon to tell how well this will be received. However, one brand that has been utilized by Facebook is Jackpot Joy, and apparently quite successfully. But one has to wonder if slot games should be employed on social networks. After all, the purpose of these networks is to communicate, either with family, friends, and/or new acquaintances. Many corporations make their home on Facebook to promote their products. In this instance, it would seem perfectly appropriate to promote one's casino as well. What is missing, in this writer's opinion, is the chance for gamers to enjoy all the benefits online casinos offer: from welcome bonuses to promotions to loyalty programs, and the like. When one utilizes a social network to play slot games, whether for fun or for real money, it takes away from the full experience of joining an established online casino. Moreover, social networks such as Facebook limit the number of slot games one can play. An analogy can be made that playing slots on a social network is akin to shopping at a major supermarket where a small bakery is on the premises. Why would you choose from a small selection of items when you can easily join an online casino that have a full range of products.

Market Share

It seems to this writer that when social networks add slot games or any other form of interactive entertainment, they are simply vying for the highest market share. However, if the social network is as hugely popular as Facebook, the need to expand into another market without all the perks does not serve online gamers well. At a time when mobile gaming apps are becoming the new mode for online gambling, as exhibited by Microgaming who currently has 75 casino game apps, adding slot games to social networks doesn't make much sense. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. Social networks are not conducive to online gambling, just as online casinos are not conducive to social networking.