How To Look for Casino Deals and Promotions on Twitter

There are many ways in which you can look for online casino deals and promotions. You can check online casino news, check each individual online casino, or use a new tool that we think offers a fast and easy way to obtain the information you are seeking. We are talking about Twitter! Not only does Twitter offer a microcosm of online casino "bulletins," but it is always up to date and is fun to use.

How Does Twitter Work?

Twitter was original created in 2007, and has become the most popular form of instant communication online today. Think of it as a message service in which you can post up to 140 characters to make an announcement, relay an idea, or update news. As a social network, Twitter allows you to remain in contact with friends, loved ones, people at work, etc. If you have a text messaging feature on your mobile phone, Twitter operates in much the same way. Once you begin to Twitter, you may start receiving emails from people who are "following" you. This simply means that you are making contacts with others who have the same interest. Conversely, you can use the search function on Twitter to type in a topic you are interested in and follow others who have the same interests.

How Do I Set Up a Twitter Account?

Twitter is free to join and easy to set up. Here is what you need to do:

  • Type in your URL: A page will appear with the title "Join the Conversation." You will have to enter your full name, username, password, and email. There are several usernames you can utilize if you do not want to use your real name. But whatever username you choose, make it special so that others remember you.
  • Once you set up an account, and if you have friends on Twitter, the next page will allow you to find your friends on Twitter. This is optional, of course. But it's a good way to "follow" your friends right away. If this if your first time on Twitter, then skip this section.
  • The next thing you want to do is add your profile. Click on the tab that says settings, and follow the instructions. You only have 140 characters to work with so make your bio one that is unique and personal to you, and one that others will want to follow. This, too, is optional but if you have a website or blog it is a really good idea to add a profile. Filling in your profile information will help people find you on Twitter. For example, you'll be more likely to turn up in a Twitter search if you've added your location in a general way, such as Southwest, as well as your real name.
  • Add your picture or avatar. This is important. Not only does it show confidence on your part, but it also allows other Twitter members to see who they are following. Using an avatar is fine, but if you truly want to become part of this social network, using your own picture is appropriate.
  • To receive messages or "tweets" in your email, check the "Email…." box so that you will be sent messages directly, as well as receive emails when someone has decided to follow you.
  • Now comes the fun part! Selecting how you want your page to look. Twitter has designs available for you to choose from. Or, if you have your own design you can upload it to your page. After you have finished with the profile and the other steps on the settings page; simply press save. Don't forget, because otherwise you will have to start over again on the settings page.

Here are a few other tips that will assist you in using Twitter:

You can change your Twitter user name anytime without affecting your existing tweets, @replies, direct messages, or other data. After changing it, make sure to let your followers know so you'll continue receiving all of your messages with your new user name.

Use the search link to type in a keyword or phrase that interests you. A page will appear with posts from other Twitter members with the same interest. To follow one or more Twitterers, just click on their name. It is important to note that Twitter is not a one way "conversation." Keeping in mind that it is a social network, it is considered polite to respond to those who have decided to follow you and/or follow others. Protect your updates by clicking on the settings tab and then check the protect my updates box. In this way, what you post will not be visible to anyone not approved as a follower. This is due to the fact that Twitter does not have an approval mechanism, so it is up to you to protect yourself.

How To Look for Casino Deals and Promotions on Twitter

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