Online Gambling: Not For Men Only

Recently, there was a statement made that "men have a monopoly in online casino gambling." We would like to take issue with this statement. Our research has found that this is not necessarily the case. Here are some statistics:

  • A recent report revealed that more and more women are becoming potential online casino winners nationwide.
  • A commission on gambling took a survey and revealed that 25% more women were gambling at online casinos last year.
  • Almost 8% of women participated in at least one form of remote gambling online in 2023.
  • Among a group of 500 women, it was found that they made larger bets and won more hands than men.

In another study, it was estimated that women, overall, bet 20% more than men.

Women Push the Envelop at Online Casinos

Women have always gambled at casinos. However, the upward trend for women playing at online casinos is notable. One study showed that roulette has become the game of choice for women, whereas statistics show that women outnumber men by 13-1 playing online bingo. One casino offers this outdated statistic: "Overall more men seem to play video poker, while the women usually go for slots."

If you've ever taken a bus trip to Atlantic City, the majority of onboard passengers are women. While it is true they mainly play the slots, they are branching out into table games such as blackjack and poker. But, more to the point, they are winning more often than their counterparts.

The Online Casino Environment

For women playing at online casinos, it is the environment within that draws them to it. While they are playing slots, poker and other table games, women can converse with other women about a variety of topics. Moreover, a casino that offers a wide variety of games in a welcoming atmosphere is suitable to women. >Online casinos are suitable to womens!

Furthermore, it is a myth to suggest that women do not use a variety of strategies in playing at online casinos. Women are joining online casinos every day because they offer a variety of exciting games with high payouts, and because they happen to be excellent players. To suggest that online gambling is strictly geared towards the male species is untrue. A wonderful example of this is Annie Duke, a famous poker player, who won the WSO. She has tutored some of the most well-known men in this field of play.

The bottom line is that when women play at online casinos, they think before they act. On the other hand, their counterparts tend to act before they think.