Which Slot Machines have the Best Bonus Games

Locking Archer Slots

This is a tough question to answer because one slot player’s idea of the best bonus game may be entirely different from another player. Ideally, however, it is in this writer’s view that 3D slots offer the best bonus games. I say this because by and large, free spins bonus rounds are fine, but they do not yield the kind of mass payouts you can get from bonus rounds.

Interactive Slot Bonus Games

3D Slots are the best, in my opinion, because: first, they are wildly entertaining with unparalleled graphics and sounds. Second, not only do they offer some of the best bonus rounds, but free spins as well. An example of this is the 3D Slot “At the Copa”. Not only does it have three different progressive jackpots (which is always a plus), but the bonus round is one of the most ingenious I’ve seen in this category. Moreover, the storyline is fabulous, which is the mark of a great 3D slot.

The Myth about Bonus Games

Not all bonus games are equal. While Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slot has a bonus round in which you choose blocks in a pyramid to earn your prize amount, and while Cleopatra Slots are still popular today than ever before, it doesn’t have the pizzazz that 3D slots have. On the other hand, slot players may overwhelmingly choose The Reel Deal Slots as having one of the best bonus games. This slot is both entertaining and interactive, and offers the player a chance to win huge sums of money. The myth about bonus games is that there isn’t one slot that has the best bonus game because if you look at a slot game in its totality, there are a number of features that make it the most popular. Features such as free spins; multipliers; multiple bonus rounds; 3D theme-based slots with a running storyline; and progressive slots that yield interactive bonus games. There are slot games that offer free spins as its sole bonus game, while there are other slots with more than 100 pay lines and no bonus game that slot players find more attractive. As I said in the opening, slot playing is subjective.

Choosing a Slot Game with the Best Bonus Round

No doubt, if you are a bonus game slot enthusiast, it would take you quite a while to find the ideal slot with the best bonus round. Luckily, however, if you are a player from the US, you don’t have that far to look. We have reviewed and showcased the best slots online; not only for their bonus game features, but also for their huge payouts as well. But if you want to get on the fast track to some of the best bonus games online, we direct you to the 3D slots. It is here, that you will be able to choose your favorites in no time.