New US Online Gaming Association

As you know, we have been keeping track of the legalization of Online Gambling. It looked as if Barney Franks bill had a great deal of steam behind it, but with the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives this past November, we haven't seen much movement on his bill. Not too long ago, New Jersey became the first state to vote to legalize online gambling, as reported here. However, the bill has not been signed by the Governor. Today, there is more news to report. A new US Online Gaming Association, whose mission is to push for the legalization of online gaming" has been formed and headed by Melanie Brenner, who was the former director of the Poker Voters of America. The USOGA will be playing an active role in bringing online gambling to fruition. This will be accomplished through the cooperation of companies who will provide financial and technical support. There were representatives from 20 leading operators and service providers from Europe in attendance at this first meeting. In addition, the American Institute for iGaming will also be involved in the weeks and months to come. The goal of these and other lobbyists will be do put the pressure on to ensure that the legalization of online gambling doesn't end with New Jersey, but is the starting point for federal legislation that will, in effect, bring about gambling legislation for all US states.