Is There Hope for New Jersey Online Gambling Approval

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Finally after many years of debate in the State of New Jersey significant progress has been registered in the subject of online gambling within the state. In late December the Bill A2578 was passed which in effect is one step before a law being passed. This Bill provides the final legislative approval for gamblers in New Jersey to be able to place internet bets i.e. gamble online within the state and mainly within Atlantic City. What this bill really means is that gamblers in the state of New Jersey are able to set up and operate online gambling options within the state of New Jersey as long as the people placing the bets are residents of New Jersey. This means that players at the famous Atlantic City casinos and from the luxurious hotel resorts around the state are able to log on to online versions of the casino and place bets directly. This new Bill which many hope will turn into law within the year also applies to sports betting.