Texas Moving Towards Legalized Gambling

The State of Texas is yet again debating the merits of allowing gambling in its boundaries. This time an impressive multimedia presentation was given by John Carona , State senator who is promoting the Resolution 64. In his impressive presentation the senator began with a detailed focus on the neighboring Thackerville casino resort which is the second largest in the US and also one of the most profitable. He pointed out how many Texans go across the state border to this casino resort because there is nothing available in their own state. He believes that Texans are big risk takers and therefore will embrace the casino resorts that he is planning and the revenues from these resorts will contribute towards the state revenue budget, jobs, capital investment and of course the heavy burden of tax revenues. In his proposal, the senator is asking the people to decide and go to vote on what he truly believes is the way forward for Texans. With this impressive presentation the general feeling in Texas is much more positive towards casino resorts and many believe that by the end of this year, ground will have been broken for many of these newly planned resorts.