Pennsylvania Mulls Over Online Gambling Bill On Taxes

Proposals have been tabled before the state legislative assembly, for the legalization of online gambling for participants in Pennsylvania in the USA.

The House Bill No 1235 was put forward by Tina Davis, a state representative, and it proposed an introduction of 28% tax on any gaming revenues, this is lower than a previous proposal of 45%. Any prospective operators would have to fork out, an upfront, once off. $5 million in registration fees, after approval, and this will give the operator a period of three years of operation before renewable is considered. Renewable will be at a rate of $500,000.

The bill would be able to legalize several online gambling services, this will be in addition to the current table games and slot machine games that are very limited, this will be at the discretion of the Gambling Control Board. At present gambling services such as keno, bingo and lottery are prohibited.

To gain support for the bill, Ms. Davis has placed emphasis that online gaming that is legalized, would generate thousands of dollars in revenue and also create thousands of jobs in the industry, that would otherwise go to other states that have already legalized online gaming services.