Online Casinos In New Jersey One Step Closer to Launching

An announcement came this week from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement that regulations regarding the governing of the new online market will be released June 3rd. The division will provide the framework of laws that all companies operating in the regulated New Jersey market will need to adhere to as well as the type of games that may or may not be offered. The initial draft is released as part of the official state record and there will be a period of comment available running through until August 2nd. This period is open for feedback, however it is 100% up to the DGE as to whether they take on board any of that feedback and comments are made public after the closing date.

The rules companies must adhere to are very similar to those in place in Nevada and the document detailing them is 70 pages long, and many of those rules are the same as the points that land based casinos in the state must stick by. Players may use credit cards or debit cards to make deposits, and players will also have the option of funding their online account by using the cashier at the land based casino. All records of game play must be kept by the casino and this must be made available upon request by relevant agencies. Remember that a few points may change, however it is likely that was we see on June 3rd will provide as close to the finished article as possible. There are some issues that will develop over time, and the forming of interstate compacts is one of them. As things stand the laws in New Jersey do permit for this however it may be a case of partnerships being difficult to forge due to competition between land based casinos in neighboring states, time will tell. It is quite feasible that New Jersey could go it alone and with a population that could sustain an online gaming industry there is not a huge amount of pressure on them to form these compacts. Having a considerably larger population than Nevada means that the needs of each is very different.