Those Darn Republicans!

Just as New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and other states are receiving a boom in their economy due to the legalization of online gambling, along comes a Republican who wants to put the kabash on the entire thing. Senator Lindsey Graham wants to reinstate the law that prohibits online gambling. What's his problem? We are well into the first year of online gambling for New Jersey; we are seeing profits galore (which not only helps the economy and creates jobs), and always has been a foregone conclusion. So what does this Senator want? He wants to take that little known law of 1961 that only covers betting on sports, and use it for his own political gain. I don't know about you folks who gamble online, but this is getting ridiculous. Add to this the fact that Senator Reid, et al. wants the Wire Act of 1961 reinstated with one exception - allow online poker. Give me a break, people! Why allow online poker and stop online slots and other casino games? And, of course, the Republicans are blaming this entire fiasco on President Obama. Along with this, the argument that is being made is that "consumers will be safer." That's the most idiotic statement I've heard yet. It's becoming clear to this writer that banning online gaming, smoking, and other forms of recreational activity is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Our rights and freedoms are at stake. I urge all of you who want online gambling to remain as is to write to the Congress and the Senate and tell them to stop this nonsense once and for all.