Casino Gaming Could be Coming to Texas

As many Texas residents know, there is no casino gambling in the Lone Star State, however there's a little hope that this could be changing pretty soon. We say hope, as nothing is certain, in fact proposals to allow casino gaming in the state have been put forward 5 times previously, and that's about as far as things have got, but hope there is.

The new bill, that of HJR47 has been put forward by State Representative Carol Alvarado of Houston and aims to extend the existing laws that allow for horse racing in the state while at the same time protect the interests of the sole Indian Tribe owned casino in Texas. Regulated casino gambling in Texas could bring in plenty of tax dollars and with such huge cities as Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio and Austin, where there are already horse racing tracks it could also give the employment numbers a boost too. It will be religious groups that will be against any such gambling activities with concerns already having been raised by the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas stating simply that, "At the end of the day, when the legislature meets and considers this issue, we are confident that this legislature…like the previous legislatures, will determine this is not good for the people of Texas."

Only time will tell with that one however if previous attempts are anything to by then maybe those Texans who do want gambling in the state shouldn't be holding their breath. Residents of Texas do of course get their action in the many Texas friendly online casinos and poker rooms that serve them, and with great bonuses and all the games that they could ask for then maybe they're not in such a bad position after all.