U.S. Supreme Court vs. Online Sports Betting

Since the UIGEA was enacted and then overturned, there has been contentious bickering over whether or not online gambling would be become legal in all the US States. On May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court finally made a ruling, and it is a very good chance that online sports betting, at least, may become legal in most states. Although it may take a year or so for this to happen, we are nonetheless excited over the prospect of this finally happening. However, keep in mind that legalizing online sports betting will be up to each state. Therefore, we are listing below the current status of sports betting in each state. The following states had their legal mechanisms in place, and were just waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Court. They are:

  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Delaware
  • Mississippi

Among the larger states whose Legislators have sports-betting bills pending and will most likely rule in 2019 are:

  • California
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Michigan

The entire list of US States either for or against online sports betting and/or online casino gambling:


There is no proposal in the works at this time since their legislature will meet in March 2019.


There has been no legislative activity on this issue in Alaska.


The legislature has not considered any sports gambling bills in its most recent session, and all sports betting will remain illegal.


The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation. But the governor is reviewing the Supreme Court’s Decision.


An amendment has been put forth and a hearing could occur before the state legislature's summer recess.


Title 18 of Colorado's constitution explicitly notes that gambling on sports is illegal, and would require "a vote by the People."


The Governor issued a statement wherein he is prepared to call the General Assembly into a special session to consider legalizing sports betting in the state.


Though some sports betting is already allowed, it is limited to multi-game bets on NFL games. However, the Governor will launch a "full-scale" sports betting review sometime in June, running its gaming program through the state lottery.


There is already an amendment on the November ballot requiring expansion of casino gambling to be approved by a voter referendum. If that amendment passes, it would take any sports gambling decisions out of the legislature's hands.


"There is no pending legislation regarding this and the next session to debate this will occur in January 2019.


An independent analysis of sports betting would be undertaken by a commission to determine if online gambling and sports betting would be in this state.


This state doesn’t particularly sports gambling in Idaho but is supportive of the state's horse industry. Contradictions abound here!


There are several bills on the table that would authorize sports betting in the state to occur with licensees under the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975. This bill also would create the Division of Sports Wagering within the Illinois Gaming Board to issue licenses. Another bill authorizes sports wagering at a facility that is authorized to conduct gambling operations under the Riverboat Gambling Act. This bill would require a sports betting operator to pay a 12.5% tax of its gross sports wagering revenue.


A representative has introduced bills in the past few years, but they haven't advanced far enough for a vote. Although this representative feels that the legalization of sports gambling has a “fairly” good chance of passing in 2019.


A state representative will introduce a bill in January of 2019 that would allow wagering on college and professional sports events.


There are several active bills that would allow sports betting, but the location of such sports betting is becoming an issue.


The state had bills that would have authorized sports betting at horse racing tracks and/or under authority or the Kentucky Lottery Corp. The Governor of the state says "it’s way too early to tell" what policy the state will adopt on the issue.


Citing that Mississippi is ahead of the sports betting controversy, a representative stated that his bill should be considered at a special session in the coming weeks.


The state legislature is not considering any sports gambling legislation.


Although there were bills that would have put sports betting to a referendum vote this November did not get through the legislature. Thus, the governor expects the issue to be debated in next year's legislative session.


There is an active bill that would create a "special commission to conduct a comprehensive study and offer proposed legislation relative to the regulation of online sports betting." But lawmakers would then have to debate and ultimately pass such legislation,


There are currently eight bills that would expand gambling, including several that would legalize sports betting. However, none have gotten votes in either the full House of Representatives or the Senate.


The legislature has yet to consider a sports betting bill. The legislature will adjourn on May 21.


Gambling officials in the state have said casinos could be up and running with betting on professional and college sports within 45 days of Monday's ruling. Mississippi also took a sizable step in that direction, as its state gaming commission issued proposed rules that would govern sports betting.


Several sports gambling bills have been discussed in Missouri, but it is unlikely that any bill will pass before the state legislator adjourns.


Although there are some forms of sports gambling in the state, it is not clear whether the Supreme Court ruling will lead to the legalization of sports gambling.


The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation now or in the future.


Sports gambling is already legal in Nevada.

New Hampshire

The Governor gave the legalization of sports gambling in his state a 3-1 chance.

New Jersey

While online casino gambling is already legalized in New Jersey, the current Governor states that he will enact a new version of the law in the near future.

New Mexico

The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation.

New York

Although the current Governor said he is not in any rush to move legislation forward, he suggested a new law would have to be passed. But there’s little time since the annual session of lawmakers end their sessions in June.

North Carolina

The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation.

North Dakota

The Governor’s Office has no plans to propose such legislation.


There are many casinos in this state; however, the Governor is in no rush to legalize sports gambling at this time.


It does not seem that the state of Oklahoma will pursue the legalization of sports betting or, for that matter, online casino gambling.


No news about any consideration of the Supreme Court’s ruling.


The state passed a law in 2017 authorizing sports betting in the state if federal law allowed states to regulate the activity. However, the state's law also called for a $10 million licensing fee and 34% tax rate on this revenue, causing many sports betting operations to have second thoughts.

Rhode Island

Hurray for Rhode Island! They were ready for the Supreme Court decision and an active bill would allow sports betting to be operated by the state lottery at existing casinos in the state.

South Carolina

A bill in the state's most recent legislative session would amend the state constitution so that the legislature would have the authority to allow gambling, including sports betting and betting on horse racing. But given the timing of Monday's decision, that bill cannot be voted upon until 2019.

South Dakota

There is no active legislation related to sports gambling in the state. This legislation will be considered in 2019.


A State Senator is going to introduce legislation to allow sports betting in Tennessee.


Texas has not considering legislation pertaining to sports gambling.


Sports gambling is not coming to Utah anytime soon.


The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation


The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation.


With a 60% majority vote needed to legalize sports gambling, it’s unlikely it will happen in this state.

West Virginia

In March of 2018, a bill became law as it waited for the Supreme Court Ruling. Sports betting at licensed casinos in the state will become a reality in this state.


The legislature is not in session and there is no current pending legislation. Sports gaming is prohibited by the Wisconsin constitution, state law, and is not allowed under the state tribal compacts.


The state has not considered any sports gambling legislation