In a recent documentary on internet gambling in the US, a discussion was centered around the fact that although gambling is illegal, individuals still find a way to gamble at online casinos.

One proponent, a congressman, has introduced legislation that would repeal the current law and make online casino gambling legal. He emphasized this fact by stating “We all know people gamble online. So it’s time we admitted it, and do something about it.”

In other news, a recent court stated that “UIGEA cannot be a federal law against online gambling. It is only applicable to those states where online gambling is illegal.” As a consequence, many US states are taking on the issue of legalizing online gambling. In Maine, for example, they had to severely cut spending due to the state of the economy. Thus, they have begun to discuss legalizing online Keno in order to bring in much needed revenue.

New Jersey has just proposed the legalization of internet gambling. The bill would allow residents to gamble at online casinos run by the operators in Atlantic City. The system would be regulated by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

In other news, the President of Mozambique has signed legislation allowing gambling online.

It is clear that in this distressed economy, US states and countries worldwide are gearing up for new legislation that would legalize online casino gambling. With an estimated $66 billion dollars spent each year in online casino gambling, the tide is turning. This year may bring about the necessary changes in the current law; a law that is so ambiguous that it can no loner be sustained.

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