Are Politicians Missing the Point?

The White House Channel and You Tube are featuring Your Interview with the President. Here, you can ask any question you like as well as vote on existing questions that have been posted. Interestingly enough, there have been several questions relating to online poker. It is to these questions that we offer our view on the legalization of online poker and casino gambling.


Regardless of whether you are a staunch conservative or progressive liberal, it seems to this writer that politicians in general are missing the point when it comes to the legalization of online gambling. Yes, the economy is showing signs of improving. But it needs a big push. What better way to bring in much needed revenue than to legalize online gambling by repealing the UIGEA Law as it exists? It is an ambiguous law that was hastily put together and makes no sense.

Online Poker

Recently, we reported that the Governor of New York State is seeking to legalize land-based casinos. Why not go a step further and legalize online gambling as well? Online gambling is a billion dollar business, and if properly regulated, it can generate millions of dollars. Case in point: If and when the Governor of New Jersey signs an online poker bill into law, New Jersey will become the first state to legalize online poker and players will be able to access these sites: BetOnline Poker, Bovada Poker, Cake Poker, Intertops Poker, and Juicy Steaks Poker. As a result, this law would overturn the UIGEA Law thus forcing Congress to repeal the law as it stands now.

Until Hell Freezes Over

For the last three years, since the Republicans took over the House, Barney Frank has tried in vain to overturn the UIGEA Law. But the Republicans have been resistant. NO is their mantra and, as a result, many important bills have fallen to the wayside because they refuse to help the President turn this economy around. Basically, their "no" is akin to saying, "until hell freezes over." With Mr. Frank retiring, we will not see any significant progress in overturning the UIGEA until and unless we have a Democratic Congress. But why wait until then? If the Governor of New Jersey can sign a bill into law legalizing online poker, so too can the rest of the country regardless of how the politicians in Washington feel about online gambling.

It's Time to Say YES!

Washington politicians are missing the point: Repealing the UIGEA Law along with adding new regulations would not only provide a major boost to the economy, but would create jobs particularly if other Governors follow the New York State model. The writing is on the wall, but the Republicans are blind when it comes to creating jobs and boosting the economy. If you feel as strongly as we do, we urge you to call, write, and email your congressman and demand that the UIGEA be repealed.