USA Online Casinos

To answer this question, I am going to once again review the legal casinos in the US and why some are not considered legal at all. A few years ago, I researched and reviewed all 50 states to determine their own legal status when it comes to online gambling. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2023, I am witnessing a new kind of vetting of legal online casinos. It is to this end that I am going to give my opinion and those of trusted sources. Let's begin with online gambling laws in the US.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the US

The short answer is yes, but while there are over 70% of online gambling sites where US players do not have access, since Bitcoins came on to the scene, that number has dramatically decreased. Some of the casinos were banned by the USA government while some of them just decided not to accept bets from the US gamblers. If you recall the Wire Act, it was in that act that several Senators - like thieves in the night - added a clause to outlaw online gambling. The UIGEA Law of 2006 was passed. The events surrounding Black Friday in which most US casinos pulled out only to leave one who remained. When the UIGEA Law was repealed, all bets were off and many online casinos for US players returned or launched new sites.

According to the online gambling law in the US, all online gambling activities (except for the sports betting that is now legal in 26 states) are not allowed throughout most of the country. Nevertheless, there are several states and offshore US territories where you can play at online casinos legally. These states are Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, New York and the US Virgin Islands. Despite the government's attempts over and over to deny online gambling, this has not dissuaded Americans from playing at US online casinos. In 2011, the US gambling authority changed the official view on the Wire Act/UIGEA Law saying it only concerns the sports betting and doesn't say anything about other kinds of gambling. Therein lies the ambiguity of the law in the first place. Although it didn't mean at the time that online gambling was legal in the US, but it definitely opened new opportunities for the US gambling markets and US approved online casinos. Subsequently, sports betting was legalized in 26 states.

What Makes an Online Casino in the US LEGAL?

First, at the bottom of the main page you will see the license number and who they are operated by. Most are operated and licensed by the Governments of Curacao, while others in Malta. Still others have their licenses clearly shown and who operates them. In my opinion, anyone can put up a gambling site. What I often said is watch out for those online US casinos that only have a copyright. I do not consider these legal online casinos, and there are plenty of sources to back me up. Moreover, one of our reliable sources took the time to carefully check the licensing information. All the US casinos that were cleared for licensing by the international gambling authorities with provably fair games made it to their list.

Here's Where I Differ with One Source

They stated that "If you want to make a bet at an American online casino, you'll face some difficulties as there are almost none of them; and those still available are quite hard to find. The USA has very harsh online gambling laws that make it almost impossible to play at online casinos. This is quite true. However it is this statement that I totally disagree with: "Most of the states gambling laws make it almost impossible to play in an online casino in most of the states." The truth of the matter is that if you are gambling at our top online casinos, all of which are licensed, you can gamble as much as you like. You will not be charged with any violations. Moreover, with the introduction of Bitcoin, now more than ever US players can choose a legal online casino and fund their account anonymously.

Legalized Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

In a report issued this week, MGM and Golden Nugget in Atlantic City were given the go ahead to operate online casinos in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has approved the two casinos' applications to be certified as qualified gaming entities in the Keystone State. Another factor that led to this great news was that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board had a myriad of online gaming licenses that most of Pennsylvania's online casinos were entitled to, but did not request them. Thus, MGM will apply for all three types of licenses: table games, slots, and online poker. Golden Nugget, on the other hand, will apply for slots and table games only.

In What States is Gambling Legal?

We once again reiterate that online gambling has been legalized in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. As for West Virginia, the law allows for mobile sports betting only. In Pennsylvania, we will see online sports betting and casinos launched early in 2023.

What States are Considering the Legalization of Online Gambling?

New York has already legalized land-based casinos. They also considered online poker, which is quite legal, but they voted it down. California wants to legalize online poker, but the odds are not looking good there. Massachusetts is discussing the issue, so it remains to be seen what will happen in future. In Michigan, the online gambling legislation was vetoed. However, this issue will definitely be revisited. An update to Michigan's online gaming source informed us that they indeed have online gambling, but the hold up is iMonopoly. There will be online gambling in the state of Michigan. Finally, it appears that Virginia is getting into the act. They are pushing to legalize sports betting online.

Are Online Gambling Sites Simply House of Cards?

Some are, but the majority of US online casinos are legit as they come. It is these online casinos that US players can join and enjoy playing their favorite games. For those that are not sure which online casino for US players are legit, we will answer that question for you as we list them below.